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5 Ways To Win With Personalised Gifting!

Hey Hautestuff!

Ever spent hours scrolling and contemplating what gift to buy, whether it’s for your partner, colleague, friends, relative, or family for any occasion? Ever wanted a fun activity for your next event that people can cherish as a memory? Hold my coffee and listen up!

In a world overwhelmed with various products, all competing for the ''best gift'' title, it may not be hard to find a quick gift for someone. However, does that mass-produced gift truly symbolize how you feel about BAE? Is it going to provide value and show how much you know and care about them? My guess is no, and here is why. It's not personal. We feel gifting should be more than just an expensive product wrapped into a package.

Personalization is perceived to add more valued these days. COVID has taught me to go back to the basics like those cute little greeting cards meant so much back in the day! We want you to use us for your next event, be it an anniversary souvenir or an activity at your little one's birthday! So, here are some high-quality affordable gifting ideas:

1. Customized Trinket tray is currently on trend and aesthetically pleasing; serves multipurpose functions as a jewelry dish, key holder, and can be used in many other creative ways. These make a wonderful gift for a new home, customized with a name or a special message on the dish.

2. This personalized Clay moon wall hanging can work as a perfect house warming gift and can be customized to the recipient’s choice of color, design and shape. We've customized these from Ramadan favors to baby room wall hangings!

3. Our Ceramic pot is a great gift that you can customize it to any lengths. Choose a shade or illustration, make it elegant or funky, it’s your call on creativity. Can be gifted to kids with their favorite cartoon characters to keep it as stationery display, or for a teenager or adult following a theme for their makeup brushes or planters. It is also a great corporate gift.

4. Personalized gifts are fun to create and don’t have to be expensive like the Morse code bracelet with which you can create a secret word with the help of a Morse code chart. Make this a fun DIY activity at birthdays, bachelorette parties or just gift yourself a secret word bracelet!

5. Customized Painted glass frames are also one such gift that can be treasured forever, it may hold a lot of memories to make for your loved ones for any occasions like a house warming, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or a birthday gift. Share an image with us and we can recreate it as an image on a frame. We've decorated these with real dried flowers for an additional touch.

Got an idea and want us to create a new custom product? Get in touch with us and we would be happy to customize at your next event! Subscribe to our website and stay up to date with our upcoming events and new launches!

Thats all for now! Until next time stay cute.



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