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Hautebox Boutique is an online, RTW fashion label born in the UAE for the modern woman. Our inspiration is a refined sense of style in contemporary fashion, that can be easily translated to your everyday wardrobe. The brand’s aesthetic is minimalistic luxury paired with unique materials to create a range of products. As a homegrown brand, we believe integrating cultures and awareness to body positivity through acceptance to have a community of women working to liberate each other.

Apart from apparel, Hautebox Boutique has introduced accessories and gifting to their online services. The concept of personalized gifting for private or corporate events and occasions is creating products that can be illustrated with art by the brands designer based on the customers’ requirements.

Our love for this multicultural society  and freedom of creative expression in the UAE inspires us to fabricate a product that resonates with a range of cultures, ethnicities, and shapes simply, celebrating women. 



Launched at the start of 2020 by designer and owner Andrea Sequeira. The brand is her inspiration and her solution to good quality womenswear at affordable prices. 

“As a homegrown online boutique I have called Dubai home for decades. My experience with the multicultural society and my love for freedom of creative expression, inspired me to cater to a wide range of cultures, and ethnicities, celebrating women of all shapes and sizes. At Hautebox, I experiment with fabrics, surface design and silhouette. Simplicity and minimalism is key to my design process and reflects in our products. We want to provide women with quality products that fits them perfectly encouraging them to dress how they feel, blurring the borders that divide us and uniting them to empower them. By offering custom sizing we aim to build a stronger relationships with our customers and be known for our inclusivity.”


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